We’re Not in Kindergarten Anymore

Remember in kindergarten? When one kid screwed up, the whole class lost privileges. Well, we’re not in kindergarten anymore. But sometimes it feels like it. Sometimes it feels like the do-gooders want to impose a zero-tolerance policy on everything and everybody.

We’re grown-ups in a free country where we give individuals maximum freedom until the individual proves he or she can’t handle it. That’s why my overriding issue is treating voters like adults. And that comes down to four key issues.


The founders gave us the Second Amendment because, like me, the founders treated American adults like adults. And they understood that the best defense against crime, violence, and insurrection is a well-armed, well-trained, well-educated citizenry. I will defend with every fiber of my being your right to protect yourself, your home, and your family.


Missouri has languished near the bottom of the 50 states in economic growth for over a decade. I don’t want my kids to feel they have to move to Atlanta or Dallas or Boston for an opportunity. Growth requires that we make Missouri the most-business and entrepreneur-friendly state in the country. Growth also requires government taking its thumb off the scale and letting hard-working, honest entrepreneurs compete on a level playing field. Businesses should not have to donate to a politician to have a fighting chance at success. Growth also requires that we promote and honor the men and women who build and deliver everything you can see, touch, feel, and taste. While I have great respect for managers and white-collar professionals, it’s time get to building again. It’s time to cherish and respect the people who take a shower at the end of their workday.


Governance cuts two ways. It begins with self-governance which is why I’m proud to have completed training with Center for Self-Governance, and I consider its founder a friend. But we can’t practice self-governance with a hyperactive state or federal government. As the great economist Freidrich Hayek said, the more the government plans, the less you and I can plan. We will limit the role of government to those things that only the government can do and leave the rest to the people.


God is not last on my list of key issues. He’s the foundation. I have one zero-tolerance policy. I have zero-tolerance for attempts to drive God and faith out of the public square.