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It was my pleasure to speak at a rally in front the of the Old Court House in downtown #stl today about #disabilityrights in public schools. What precious people. Thanks to Rep Mackey for reaching across the aisle, this will be a bipartisan effort and I look forward it. #moleg ...

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7 hours ago

Dottie for Missouri

So many fun family activities in District #110 today. Wildwood Parade and Celebrate Wildwood Events all day and evening. ...

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Today, see you there! Green Beret Casualty Fund ...🇺🇸 ...

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*Special Session to concurrently run with Veto session and Update on Medicaid Enrollment Numbers*

In a few weeks we will return to Jefferson City for the constitutionally-mandated veto session. The governor also called a special session, which will begin September 9 and run concurrently with veto session, we will focus on a tax issue involving vehicle trade-ins.

Specifically, the special session will give us an opportunity to fix a state statute to allow the sales proceeds of more than one vehicle, trailer, boat, or outboard motor to be used as a credit against the sales tax owed on the purchase of another. The fix is necessary because a recent ruling by the Missouri Supreme Court clarified that the sales proceeds of only one vehicle may be used as a credit against the sales tax owed on the purchase of a new vehicle.

The governor has asked us to amend the state law to allow for the sale of multiple vehicles to be used as a credit. The fix would be in line with the Department of Revenue's prior practice and what consumers have come to expect.

In calling the special session, Gov. Parson said, “After reviewing the Court’s decision, we’ve decided to call a special session because it’s simply the right thing to do for the people of our state. The enforcement of this decision would create a financial burden on Missouri taxpayers and unnecessary government red tape that we can proactively prevent.”

The special session will begin Monday, September 9. The annual veto session will begin Wednesday, September 11.

*House Leaders Receive Update on Medicaid Enrollment Numbers*

House members have continued to look closely at the declining enrollment numbers for the state’s Medicaid system. This week House Speaker Elijah Haahr met with MO HealthNet Director Todd Richardson to receive an update regarding the drop in the number of children enrolled in Medicaid.

As a result of the meeting, Speaker Haahr learned that the decrease in caseloads is not a surprise to the department, especially now that the new renewal computer system has had a full year to complete the Annual Review Process. The department anticipated a drop in enrollment in part because of changes in 2016 to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), when the Medicaid caseload was at its high-water mark. These changes combined with an improved economy have lowered the Medicaid caseload similar to numbers before the ACA took effect in 2014. The Speaker learned this change is consistent with other state assistance programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which have fallen below its 2014 level.

The Speaker also learned that from 2014 to 2018, a previous administration did not robustly verify eligibility requirements of individuals on an annual basis. This led to the automatic renewal of a significant number of enrollees, many of whom did not qualify for assistance. With new software, the comprehensive review is performing a needed cleanup of those who are not eligible for Medicaid benefits.

The department assured Speaker Haahr that anyone who applies for Medicaid and meets the eligibility requirements will receive services. If someone loses Medicaid coverage, they can apply at any time to explore eligibility for immediate and prior quarter coverage. There are more than 263 entities statewide who can determine presumptive eligibility, meaning Missourians can receive immediate Medicaid coverage.

Following the meeting, Speaker Haahr said he was “pleased to know Missouri generously provides a greater window for its annual review process than is required by the federal government, allowing our citizens additional time for the department to communicate with enrollees of the required annual renewal.”

He also expressed appreciation for the department’s candor in their need to improve call center performance.

He added, “I have asked Director Richardson to do what he can or let me know how the General Assembly can expedite the transition to provide Missourians with tools that will make sure our children are not stuck on bureaucratic hold to receive basic medical care.”

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1 week ago

Gary Wyatt
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1 week ago

Dottie for Missouri

I’ve always been very proud and awed by first responders, as I grew up with many of them. It’s no surprise my cousin, Luke Schutzenhofer, was one of the fire fighters in the recent rescue of children in St. Louis City....thank you to the first responders involved! ...

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A dear friend gave me this newly minted gem yesterday!! Make it a great day y’all! 🇺🇸😀 ...

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Dottie’s Endorsements

“I personally know Dottie is the only true conservative Republican in this race who supports the pivotal issues of tax cuts, labor and education reform. I ask you to join me in voting for Dottie Bailey on Tuesday, August 7th.” Video

Tim Jones

Former Speaker of the House—Missouri House of Representatives, 110th District
Dottie received a perfect A rating from the NRA.

National Rifle Association

“Having represented District 110 in Jefferson City for four years, I know Dottie Bailey is the best candidate in this race. She is a true conservative, tireless, and fearless. She will serve the district very well!”

Rep. KIrk Mathews

Missouri House of Representative, 110th District
Endorsed by Mortgage Bankers Association of Missouri

Mortgage Bankers Association of Missouri

“As your County Councilman, I endorse conservative Republican Dottie Bailey for State Representative in District 110. Dottie and St. Louis County. I look forward to working with her on issues affecting St. Louis County.”

Mark Harder

Republican County Councilman
Missouri Right to Life Political Action Committee Approved

Missouri Right to Life

“2,400 area Fire Fighters, Paramedics and 911 Dispatchers, serving eight counties over Eastern Missouri; we are very proud to enthusiastically make your endorsement for the 110th District of the Missouri House of Representatives.”

Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri

IAFF Local 2665

“For those living in the 110th district who had Kirk Matthews as their Representative, we are endorsingDottie Baliey as the only true Republican candidate in the primary.” Read More

Wildhorse Republican Township