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It’s official, I have filed for your State Representative for the 2020 election. What an immense privilege it has been representing you, District #110. Thank you for your support, prayers and the continued opportunity to serve. ...

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9 hours ago

Dottie for Missouri

What a joy and honor it was to award The Glory of Missouri Awards to our great young gentlemen and ladies from the Rockwood School District. Great future leaders on their way!Glory of Missouri award recipients from Eureka, Lafayette and Marquette high schools were recognized on the floor of the House of Representatives at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City on Monday, Feb. 24.

The award recognizes 14 students from each school, each representing one of the virtues that make up the “Glory of Missouri,” which are engraved in the House Chamber. The virtues are Knowledge, Liberty, Equality, Law, Justice, Fraternity, Education, Progress, Honor, Truth, Virtue, Temperance, Enterprise and Charity.

After being recognized and taking a tour of the capital. Students enjoyed lunch and ice cream before returning home.

Congratulations to the Glory of Missouri award recipients!

Eureka High
Knowledge – Erin Gwaltney
Liberty – Ethan Fine
Equality – Coreyn Mason
Law – Jack Kunkel
Justice – Ishita Sarode
Fraternity – Annika Herbert
Education – Atharva Bhagwat
Progress – Sydney Thurman
Honor – Jacob McCollum
Truth – Julia Collins
Virtue – Blake Thebeau
Temperance – Anna Schlegel
Enterprise – George Allen
Charity – Jenna Stalter

Lafayette High
Knowledge – Abhishek Ganesh
Liberty – Sadhana Matheswaran
Equality – Teniola Toriola
Law – Zoe Spriggs
Justice – Abigail Robeson
Fraternity – Braeden Williams
Education – Claire Lister
Progress – Ashley Skaggs
Honor – Lucie Garza
Truth – Anthony McRoberts
Virtue – Jacob Dederer
Temperance – Rahul Suresh Kanna
Enterprise – Geoffrey Ladue
Charity – Rachel Paese

Marquette High
Knowledge – Kevin Zhou
Liberty – Brayden Haas
Equality – Kaliah Rodgers
Law – Sophie Sanchez
Justice – Shon Sayfuddinov
Fraternity – Lexi Diekroeger
Education – Lucy Besch
Progress – Jackson Estwanick
Honor – Annabelle Williams
Truth – David Pisoni
Virtue – Tessa Kreikemeier
Temperance – Alex Love
Enterprise – Josh Merz
Charity – Nicole Licavoli

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District #110.....Let’s do this! ...

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5 days ago

Dottie for Missouri

Awesome Ozzie! ...

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After many many meetings with stakeholders from all around the State, we debriefed the Governor’s office this morning on what we think is a great bill on the practice of seclusion and restraint. Many thanks to my colleague Rep Ian Mackey and the amazing Mom’s from MO Disability Empowerment group, the Special Educator experts, disability advocates, many superintendents, teachers and parents that played a part in crafting this very important piece of legislation. ...

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Walked into the House chamber yesterday afternoon to get something out of my desk and it was a beautiful sunlit sight. We have a beautiful historical Capitol! #Missouri ...

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Happy Presidents’ Day!!!! 🇺🇸 ...

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Good music this eve ....and made me think about Eureka flash floods and how the Eureka Mayor Sean Flower and the City of Eureka put a stop to those nasty waters hitting Eureka. I know y’all did a ton of work cleaning out culverts, drains etc and we are so grateful. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, nice work everyone. ...

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Dottie’s Endorsements

“I personally know Dottie is the only true conservative Republican in this race who supports the pivotal issues of tax cuts, labor and education reform. I ask you to join me in voting for Dottie Bailey on Tuesday, August 7th.” Video

Tim Jones

Former Speaker of the House—Missouri House of Representatives, 110th District
Dottie received a perfect A rating from the NRA.

National Rifle Association

“Having represented District 110 in Jefferson City for four years, I know Dottie Bailey is the best candidate in this race. She is a true conservative, tireless, and fearless. She will serve the district very well!”

Rep. KIrk Mathews

Missouri House of Representative, 110th District
Endorsed by Mortgage Bankers Association of Missouri

Mortgage Bankers Association of Missouri

“As your County Councilman, I endorse conservative Republican Dottie Bailey for State Representative in District 110. Dottie and St. Louis County. I look forward to working with her on issues affecting St. Louis County.”

Mark Harder

Republican County Councilman
Missouri Right to Life Political Action Committee Approved

Missouri Right to Life

“2,400 area Fire Fighters, Paramedics and 911 Dispatchers, serving eight counties over Eastern Missouri; we are very proud to enthusiastically make your endorsement for the 110th District of the Missouri House of Representatives.”

Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri

IAFF Local 2665

“For those living in the 110th district who had Kirk Matthews as their Representative, we are endorsingDottie Baliey as the only true Republican candidate in the primary.” Read More

Wildhorse Republican Township