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****UPDATE****Yesterday we passed the supplemental budget with 6 billion for COVID-19 funding as it came back from the Senate. We had previously approved a version of this bill on March 18, we returned to approve the final version, which contains new funding provided by the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

The supplemental budget bill contains total funding of more than $6 billion, with the bulk of that funding from the federal CARES Act. The CARES act was designed to help states mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and to help families and businesses deal with the economic impact of the virus. Some of the key funding items contained in the bill that is now on its way to the governor will:

• Provide more than $5 billion for Missouri to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, including funding for testing, healthcare workers, hospitals, nursing homes, personal protective equipment, crisis counseling, food delivery, public education, and much more.

• Allocate appropriations based on both federal and general revenue that is focused to:

o Equip frontline healthcare providers with PPE, respiratory/testing equipment, and in certain instances increased pay
o Fund the governor’s efforts to stand up alternative medical facilities (AMF) across the state for potential patient surges
o Aid to counties and municipalities responding to the crisis ($1 billion)
o Fund the Community Development Block Grant (additional $20 million in CDBG) for quarantine/treatment facilities, providing testing and diagnosis at fixed and mobile locations, and delivering meals to quarantined individuals
o Provide new funding that supports National Guard efforts to respond to the crisis and mobilize for future emergencies during the remainder of the fiscal year ($11 million)
o Provide $300 million that will help fund K-12 public schools for COVID-19 related expenses
o Provide up to $1.5 billion for additional K-12 expenses
o Provide $200 million to distribute among all recognized higher education institutions (public, private, and proprietary)
o Provide up to $304 million to distribute among Missouri’s public four-year and two-year colleges and universities
o Provide up to $90 million for use by nursing homes to help with infection control and COVID-19 related expenses
o Provide up to $66 million for childcare assistance
o Provide transit assistance grants to “non-urban” areas ($20 million)
o Provide LIHEAP utilities assistance program ($18 million)
o Provide additional resources to Head Start ($12 million)
o Provide up to $24 million for home delivered meals and emergency food assistance

The bill includes additional supplemental spending for the Fiscal Year 2020 budget that is not related to the state’s efforts to deal with COVID-19. Some of these funding items include:

o School Foundation Formula recalculation and early childhood education expenses ($27.8 million)
o “Read to Learn” preschool grant is increased $4.6 million (new total is $11.1 million)
o Increases construction authority for the Missouri Department of Transportation ($5 million) and bus transit ($7 million)
o Funding for mental health including crisis counseling grant authority ($1 million) and overtime pay at state facilities ($4.7 million)
o Transition of the state child welfare infrastructure to the federal Family First Prevention Services Act ($9.9 million)
o Foster care “outside income” distribution of children’s personal funds ($3 million)
o Specialty drug increases ($17 million)
o Food distribution program ($2.2 million)
o Supplemental nursing care ($333,715)

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Good morning District #110,

Tomorrow the Missouri House of Representatives will return to the Capitol to work on the supplemental budget which will be critical in Missouri's ability to accept federal dollars coming to MO through the CARES Act.
These are challenging and extraordinary times. Our nation has faced similar times almost exactly 100 years ago during the Spanish Flu pandemic. The roaring 20's followed that very dark time in America and prospered. Will we do the same? I look to history for wisdom and guidance and yes, hope. We don't know the outcome yet for us in 2020 and beyond but the challenge is ours to face head on. With extraordinary times, I've seen extraordinary character from my fellow Americans. Our first responders and medical providers fighting diligently, our teachers working furiously to deliver great educational content for our kiddos, our American businesses and workers who are economically suffering to stop the spread of COVID-19, families staying home loving each other and neighbors. We are all taking steps during this difficult time to protect our country in an unparalleled time of uncertainty. Thank you for continued prayers for America, taking care of your nieghbor, buying local and being the amazing people that I know and love. We have faced world wars, other pandemics, 9/11 and many tragedies. America continues to lead in the world in Liberty, charity and good will. We are the greatest country on earth I believe for those very purposes. May God bless you, your families, Missouri and this incredible Nation.

Much love,


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4 days ago

Dottie for Missouri

Dottie for Missouri's cover photo ...

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Two years ago when I was asked to run for the State Representative seat of District 110 I told you I was committed to free market principles, limited government, fiscal conservatism and individual Liberty. My commitment today still remains the same and steadfast. I am honored to be recognized by the American Conservative Union for voting the principles I campaigned on. I look forward to serving you and appreciate your continued support and love for our district. ...

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**(JEFFERSON CITY, MO)** – In yesterday's press briefing, Governor Mike Parson highlighted the state’s ongoing efforts to respond to the COVID-19 crisis in Missouri.
Governor Parson was joined by Missouri Department of Public Safety Director Sandy Karsten, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Director Dr. Randall Williams, and the Adjutant General of the Missouri National Guard Brigadier General Levon Cumpton.

“Day in and day out, we are working around the clock to respond and adapt to COVID-19 in every way possible. Not just government, but our doctors, nurses, public health professionals, law enforcement, first responders, truck drivers, grocery store workers, and all of the Missourians who are on the frontlines every day,” Governor Parson said.

“A tremendous amount of work has already been accomplished, but it does not stop here,” Governor Parson continued. “We will continue to exhaust all options until Missouri overcomes and fully recovers from this crisis.”

Yesterday, Governor Parson signed his sixth Executive Order in response to COVID-19. Executive Order 20-07 suspends late penalties for concealed carry license renewals.

Sheriffs in each county process requests for concealed carry license renewal and are required to assess penalties for individuals who seek to renew a license after the expiration date. This Executive Order waives the requirement that sheriffs enforce the penalty on late renewals. By doing so, this not only promotes public health and social distancing but also frees up local law enforcement officers from administrative tasks.

In addition to six Executive Orders, 276 state statutes and regulations have been waived or suspended to ease regulatory burdens that interfere with Missouri’s COVID-19 response efforts.

The state has approved the purchase of tens of millions of dollars worth of PPE and is working rapidly to get these shipments out across the state.

On March 21, Governor Parson directed Dr. Williams to order statewide social distancing. On March 24, Governor Parson requested, and since received approval for, a federal major disaster declaration for the state of Missouri. Governor Parson has also mobilized the Missouri National Guard to further assist with COVID-19 response efforts.

The Guard has been working as part of the state’s effort to identify potential alternate care sites, if needed, around Missouri.

Along with the Guard, the agencies involved in these site surveys are DHSS, the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), the Missouri Office of Administration, the Missouri Hospital Association, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Over the past week, the Guard has assessed several locations throughout the state including arenas, exposition centers, and hotels at 14 sites located in Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield, Joplin, Columbia and Cape Girardeau.

The Guard is continuing assessments of sites based on several criteria, such as areas where demand could exceed capacity (bed space), areas with spaces large enough for patient populations, and areas where utilities are available to start immediate construction. Should the need arise, some of these alternate care sites could be available in 7-15 days once approved.

Governor Parson also announced in yesterday’s briefing that since Missouri signed an agreement with the U.S. Department of Labor on Saturday, the $600 federal supplement will be effective beginning March 29 for those filing unemployment payment requests this week. These monies will be paid retroactively for claims filed on or after March 29 after the federal government issues guidance and releases the funds.

In addition to all of these efforts, Governor Parson continues to emphasize the importance of staying home.

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America🇺🇸. The Greatest Country on Earth ...

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The only country in the world to dock a floating medical city, the #USNSComfort docks in New York City . #EmergencyMedicine #COVID19 #moleg 🇺🇸. Pray for Missouri, Pray for America....we will succeed. ...

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Dottie’s Endorsements

“I personally know Dottie is the only true conservative Republican in this race who supports the pivotal issues of tax cuts, labor and education reform. I ask you to join me in voting for Dottie Bailey on Tuesday, August 7th.” Video

Tim Jones

Former Speaker of the House—Missouri House of Representatives, 110th District
Dottie received a perfect A rating from the NRA.

National Rifle Association

“Having represented District 110 in Jefferson City for four years, I know Dottie Bailey is the best candidate in this race. She is a true conservative, tireless, and fearless. She will serve the district very well!”

Rep. KIrk Mathews

Missouri House of Representative, 110th District
Endorsed by Mortgage Bankers Association of Missouri

Mortgage Bankers Association of Missouri

“As your County Councilman, I endorse conservative Republican Dottie Bailey for State Representative in District 110. Dottie and St. Louis County. I look forward to working with her on issues affecting St. Louis County.”

Mark Harder

Republican County Councilman
Missouri Right to Life Political Action Committee Approved

Missouri Right to Life

“2,400 area Fire Fighters, Paramedics and 911 Dispatchers, serving eight counties over Eastern Missouri; we are very proud to enthusiastically make your endorsement for the 110th District of the Missouri House of Representatives.”

Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri

IAFF Local 2665

“For those living in the 110th district who had Kirk Matthews as their Representative, we are endorsingDottie Baliey as the only true Republican candidate in the primary.” Read More

Wildhorse Republican Township