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***Special Session Bill Approved to Provide Tax Relief to Missourians (HB 1)***

House and Senate members conducted an efficient special session to pass legislation that will allow Missourians to reduce their tax burden when they trade in multiple vehicles. The special session that was called by Gov. Mike Parson resulted in the bill receiving bipartisan support in both chambers. The House passed the bill last Wednesday and the Senate followed suit by giving the legislation final approval last Friday.

Following the passage of the bill, Gov. Parson thanked the bill sponsors for their leadership on the issue and the members of both chambers for passing the bill with overwhelming bipartisan support. He said, “They came together and worked hard to make this right for the everyday people of Missouri, and that’s what it’s all about.”

Lawmakers returned to Jefferson City to fix a state statute to allow the sales proceeds of more than one vehicle, trailer, boat, or outboard motor to be used as a credit against the sales tax owed on the purchase of another. The fix was necessary because a ruling by the Missouri Supreme Court clarified that the sales proceeds of only one vehicle may be used as a credit against the sales tax owed on the purchase of a new vehicle.

By passing the special session bill, the law will be amended to allow for the sale of multiple vehicles to be used as a credit. The new law will be in line with the Department of Revenue’s prior practice and what consumers have come to expect. Without the change, the law would have limited Missourians in offsetting their tax liability, creating an unnecessary financial burden for taxpayers.

The acting director of the Missouri Department of Revenue praised the passage of the bill. He said, “Passage of HB 1 gives clarity to citizens as it was intended by the General Assembly, ensuring hardworking Missourians will continue to enjoy the benefits of tax savings associated with vehicle and titling transactions.”

The bill now goes to the governor’s desk to be signed into law. It will take effect as law 90 days after Gov. Parson signs it.

***Legislation to Protect and Promote Missouri Agriculture Now in Effect (SB 391)***

A law passed by the General Assembly to protect the state’s top industry is now in full effect. The implementation of the law had been delayed by a temporary restraining order, but a judge has now set the order aside.

The bill was passed during the 2019 regular session to provide consistency in the way farm operations across the state are regulated. It was meant to address a problem in state law that resulted in inconsistent regulations placed on farms throughout the state by county commissions and health boards. The new law will not block county ordinances or restrict local control. Instead it will ensure regulations on concentrated animal feeding operations are consistent and not more stringent than state laws.

While the legislature approved the bill and the governor signed it into law, two counties filed a lawsuit in August to prevent the bill from going into effect. A judge then issued the temporary restraining order to put the bill on hold. The judge’s most recent decision to lift the restraining order will allow the law to now go into effect, but the lawsuit will continue.

In response to the lawsuit, the Missouri Farm Bureau, Missouri Cattlemen’s Association, Missouri Pork Association, Missouri Soybean Association, and Missouri Corn Growers Association issued a joint statement saying, “The legal system is being misused by those determined to stifle Missouri farm and ranch families from opportunities to grow and keep future generations on the farm. This frivolous lawsuit is a last-minute, desperate attempt designed to disrupt Missouri agriculture. Family farmers and ranchers operate on a handshake, not a court order. But make no mistake; we will use every tool available to protect them from this small band of naysayers hell bent on overturning the work of the Missouri legislature.”

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What a wonderful visit with my friend Chris at Paraquad today. We talked about disability rights and how at Paraquad they train folks for meaningful employment, the same work as those without disabilities. They place a high importance on self sufficiency and rising to the occasion of hard work. Chris and I also had such a great time, we laughed a ton between all the serious talk. Laughing we both agree makes the day a great one. He is a rockstar and a huge inspiration! ...

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What a special honor it was today to receive the Phyllis Schlafly Eagle Award. It’s very humbling and my respect for Mrs. Schlafly and her life long work is enormous. She was the ultimate Kingmaker, and her final endorsement was that of President Trump. What a gift she was to the American people, an inspiration for so many and as a women at that time, so very rare. My truly humble thanks. ...

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Incase anyone is wondering where I am on the 2nd Amendment and the leftists telling me they will take our guns. My response is Molon Labe.... apparently Beto hasn’t met District #110. If we don’t have the 2nd Amendment, we don’t have any of the Amendments. 2A shall NOT be infringed. It’s our guaranty against a tyrannical government.
Now go enjoy this beautiful day in Missouri!

Much love,


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I'm very excited to be named by the Missouri Speaker of the House, Elijah Haahr, this week to the Education Commission of the States.

The commission includes Governor Parson, a state Senator, myself and four gubernatorial appointees. The Education Commission of the States serves as a partner to state policymakers by providing personalized support and helping education leaders come together and learn from one another.

I look forward to this great opportunity to collaborate with other policymakers around the nation to develop sound education policy, to see what’s working and what isn’t. My heart is always with our kiddos and I'm so pleased about this appointment.

Having skin in the game with a future teacher I’m raising, this is very important to me!

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I can’t believe it’s been 18 years since our homeland was attacked. It seems like only a short time ago we came together as Americans and supported one another to honor those that died in those towers, the Pentagon and the field in Pennsylvania. I remember watching those heroes who were trying to save them. We saw the very best of men and women that day, the bravery, the courage and the selfless sacrifice. We also saw evil that day as it lusted for death and terror.
But in that tragic day you also saw the goodness of the American spirit as we came together to heal, rebuild and fight back. That day and the days that followed good overtook the evil. America is like no other country on earth, we are so blessed and kind that men will run into fiery buildings to save others knowing they will probably perish. Americans are amazing. May we never forget them nor this day. Good always overcomes evil, always. #NeverForget.

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2 weeks ago

Dottie for Missouri

What a great day in District #110, a beautiful day and so much fun had by all.... ...

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Dottie’s Endorsements

“I personally know Dottie is the only true conservative Republican in this race who supports the pivotal issues of tax cuts, labor and education reform. I ask you to join me in voting for Dottie Bailey on Tuesday, August 7th.” Video

Tim Jones

Former Speaker of the House—Missouri House of Representatives, 110th District
Dottie received a perfect A rating from the NRA.

National Rifle Association

“Having represented District 110 in Jefferson City for four years, I know Dottie Bailey is the best candidate in this race. She is a true conservative, tireless, and fearless. She will serve the district very well!”

Rep. KIrk Mathews

Missouri House of Representative, 110th District
Endorsed by Mortgage Bankers Association of Missouri

Mortgage Bankers Association of Missouri

“As your County Councilman, I endorse conservative Republican Dottie Bailey for State Representative in District 110. Dottie and St. Louis County. I look forward to working with her on issues affecting St. Louis County.”

Mark Harder

Republican County Councilman
Missouri Right to Life Political Action Committee Approved

Missouri Right to Life

“2,400 area Fire Fighters, Paramedics and 911 Dispatchers, serving eight counties over Eastern Missouri; we are very proud to enthusiastically make your endorsement for the 110th District of the Missouri House of Representatives.”

Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri

IAFF Local 2665

“For those living in the 110th district who had Kirk Matthews as their Representative, we are endorsingDottie Baliey as the only true Republican candidate in the primary.” Read More

Wildhorse Republican Township